Buying the best sewing machine for a beginner (yourself or your child) is an important decision.  And, if you’re like most people, you want to get the best sewing machine for your money.

First, as a sewing professional, I do not recommend any type of sewing machine that is not full-size.  If it’s not full-size, it is a toy.  From my experience, these types of sewing machines are just a waste of money.  They are going to break, sooner or later and could cause your child to become frustrated and hate sewing all together.  My sewing machine recommendation is tried and true. I only recommend the sewing machines we currently use in our studio. We have two sewing machines: Brother CS6000i and Brother SB700T.  These sewing machines are two of the best sewing machines for beginners!

Brother CS6000i and Brother SB700T are my faves because:
  1. Adjustable Speed Control

    Adjustable speed control is important because it ensures that students sew at a safe speed. When we set the machine on the slowest speed (walking) no matter how hard our students push the foot pedal, it will stay at the slowest speed. The second speed (jogging) is only for students that have demonstrated they can sew safely and straight at that speed or when students are sewing a zigzag stitch.  Running, is the third speed and none of our students can sew on the third speed.

  2. Drop-in bobbin

    A drop-in bobbin is important because: 1. It’s easier to place in the machine and easier to teach a student to thread. 2. You can easily see if the bobbin is running out. On a sewing machine that doesn’t have a drop-in bobbin, the process of checking the bobbin could be daunting. In short, you remove part of the machine.  You open a door under the throat plate, then pull out a latch to release the bobbin cover.  Next, you take the bobbin out of the bobbin cover to take a look.  If it’s good, you put the bobbin back in the cover, slide the thread around the guides in the cover, then place the bobbin back in the machine.  If it’s not good, you make a bobbin.  Sewing without a bobbin thread, is “THE WORST” because you aren’t sewing at all.  You just think you are!

  3. Easy to set-up and use

    If you’ve ever set up a computer or a Fire Stick, you can set up a sewing machine by following the instructions in the Owner’s Manual.  Plus, if the sewing machine is purchased for someone that has attended our summer camps or sewing classes, they will be familiar with some of the most important features like: threading the top of the machine and bobbin, backstitching, and zigzagging.  However, if you’ve set the machine up and still feel like you can use some help, just let us know.  We offer private lessons.

Where To Buy:

Brother CS6000i can be purchased at Amazon and Walmart for about $140 – $150.  Brother SB700T is no longer available. It was replaced with Brother SB1000T and can be purchased from Creative Sewing & Vacuums in the Stonecrest Shopping Center for about $230.  If you decide to purchase your sewing machine online, I highly recommend you purchase a protection plan for the extra $22 – $30.  It’s totally worth it!

Lastly, students that are beginning to sew, need help with consistently sewing a 1/2″ or 5/8 ” seam allowance. We started using magnetic seam guides last summer (also purchased from Amazon) and they work well for sewing straight and curved seams! Sparkly Washi tape is also very helpful for sewing straight seams.

Thanks for reading about my favorite sewing machines for beginners! In our next blog, I will share some of my essential sewing tools.