Throughout the week, I have the pleasure of literally watching our campers grow as sewists.  I’ve seen them get excited for things like remembering to backstitch to sewing a long seam (hem of shorts) with no wiggles or bumps! And, yes, those are reasons to be happy when you’re learning how to sew!  My top 5 reasons that sewing makes kids happy are listed below.

Sewing makes kids happy because:

  1. It’s challenging, but they find that they can do it! The biggest challenge for a new sewist is sewing straight. We have tools that help, like tape and a magnetic seam gauge, but campers still have to really focus on their project to sew a straight seam. Every seam is practice and campers get better each day!
  2. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment. On the 2nd day, we’ve usually made enough progress on the first project that they can see the garment/project coming together. This totally increases their confidence because they can see what they’ve done. Now, sewing the other projects seems completely possible!
  3. It allows them to express their creativity. The creative process starts with selecting fabrics that match their personality. As the project is being constructed, campers may also make other decisions like: select a coordination fabric, trim, decide on applique, etc.
  4. They can wear or use what they’ve made. Again, most campers are new sewists and have never made anything. During camp, they will be making a garment, softie or accessories that they will be able to use. Using anything you’ve made is rewarding. However, as a sewists myself, I know that there’s no better feeling than wearing a garment you’ve made!
  5. They can make different things. During our camps campers make everything from pillow and softies to pajamas and skirts. We even have a camp for teens and they make shorts or a skirt and design their own bag.  When camp is over, these new sewists can continue to sew at home. I know of a student that just sews pillows and she now has her own business!

In addition to making kids happy, sewing has some other benefits:

  1. Reinforces math skills. We use fractions EVERY time we sew. Seams are usually 4/8” or 5/8”. We use a sewing gauge to measure for their casing (where elastic goes/waistband in garments).  We take body measurements to determine pattern sizes and fabric is purchased by the yard.
  2. Learn how to solve problems. If you’re sewing a project and it doesn’t turn out the way you planned, you have to think about what you did, what possibly went wrong, and how to fix it. This happens more when sewing solo, but it’s an excellent way to improve your sewing skills! In learning how to solve sewing problems, you learn how to solve problems in general.
  3. Increases self-confidence. I also get to watch students as their confidence increases during the week. On Thursday, the excitement is high as most projects are completed and they are almost finished. On Fridays we have a fashion show to showcase our student’s work, so on Friday morning, the excitement is so high, you can hardly stand it! After break, campers practice for the fashion show and change into their garments. Once the new garment is on, it’s hard to explain, but it’s like a switch turns on. Everyone is standing taller, smiling wider, has more giggles, and more energy! It’s amazing to see and I have the pleasure of experiencing this every Friday during the summer!  To see all of the fun and exciting camps that will make your kids happy, click here.