7 Sewing Habits

Is learning to sew more challenging than you imagined?

Are you threading your sewing machine multiple times to complete one project?

Are you finishing your projects then feeling overwhelmed because you have hundreds of threads to cut?

Are you having a hard time keeping everything you need for your projects together so that you don’t waste time looking for stuff?

In this post, I will share 7 easy habits that every beginning sewist should learn. These tips will make learning to sew less challenging and more enjoyable! And, these are the same 7 easy habits that I teach my sewing students, grades 2nd to adult. So yes, you can do this!

1. Put Your Scissors Down

Beginning sewists, usually use their scissors to cut threads away from the machine. When this happens, the thread is most likely too short and the needle will come unthreaded.

When using the thread cutter, you are forced to pull the threads longer. This simple step reduces the likelihood of the machine needle coming unthreaded.

To prevent using the scissors, put them on another table that you will use later when cutting any unwanted threads from your project.

2. Only Thread Once

Short strings can cause you to thread the needle multiple times! I only want to thread the machine once, unless I need to change the thread color.

You can take cutting threads with the thread cutter, one step further. Pull your strings until they touch the table behind the sewing machine.

Yes, you will use more thread, but in my book, it’s worth it if you don’t have to thread the needle AGAIN!

3. It’s Test Time

You thread your machine and start sewing only to find out, that the stitch is too loose, too tight, or just wacky!

You can prevent this if you test your sewing machine before sewing on your precious fabric. Cut some test fabric, then sew a straight and zigzag stitch.

Inspect the front and back of the stitch. If they look the same, you’re good to go. If not, rethread and test again. Repeat if necessary.

4. Cut Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Now that the needle isn’t an issue, you’re sewing up a storm, right? Hold up. Your threads are probably getting a little crazy!

It is best practice to cut your threads before you intersect seams or join pieces that have seams. If you don’t, threads can get caught between the seams FOREVER.

When you cut threads, make sure to hold the thread in the air, AWAY from your fabric. Then, cut as close as you can to the fabric.

5. No Clutter Allowed

The more you sew, the more strings you’ll have. And, if you’re like most beginners, you’ve been cutting and letting the strings fall where they may.

A simple solution is to put a plastic bowl or container on the table. That way, you can keep your work area clean and clutter-free.

My students have come to love this and if a container isn’t on the table, they are happy to stop sewing and get one!

6. Order in the Sewing Room

There are SEW many things to keep up with when you’re sewing a project: fabric, thread, bobbins, pattern, and notions, just to name a few.

Ziplock bags are your NEW best friend! A gallon bag stores all the above, if it’s been cut-out. The actual fabric pieces are then hung on a hanger.

And, if you are working on more than one project, store the Ziplock bags in a nice basket on your table. The more organized your sewing room the better!

7. Press as You Sew

It’s easy to get caught up in “the sewing” so, that’s all you’re doing. This isn’t the best way to construct ANYTHING that you want to be proud of.

You’ve heard your sewing teacher say, “Press your seams as you go and you ignored them (I did too, at first) and thought “yeah right!” Well, THEY WERE RIGHT!

Pressing as you sew, preferably before intersecting seams, is HUGE! It is THE ONE THING that when done properly, can make any homemade project look more professional!

You’ve Got This!

Imagine sitting at your sewing machine and feeling excited about sewing! You’ve got 7 easy habits and they are working! Your project is safety tucked away in a Ziplock bag and you know that you have everything that you’ll need to begin sewing.

Imagine being excited about only threading once, unless you need multiple thread colors for the project. And then, you’ll test on scrap fabric to be sure you’re good to go.

Imagine feeling proud of your project because you’re cutting threads and pressing seams as you sew. When it’s finished, you’re going to love it!

Yes, this can happen to you!

You’ve got this!

And, if you need help along the way, just let us know.