It makes me “SEW” happy to know that campers are excited to come to our summer camps! A large percentage of our campers are true beginners.  They have either never sewn on a sewing machine or they attended a birthday party at sew fun!  With this in mind, Day 1 of camp is orientation and campers learn:

  1. Sewing Machine Basics
    1. Parts- presser foot, foot control, speed control, etc.
    2. Where to keep our hands for safe sewing.
  2. How To Sew
    1. on paper
    2. practice threading the sewing machine and needle
    3. sew on fabric
    4. practice staying beside the tape; backstitching, and finishing seams with zigzag.
  3. Our Camp Rules
    1. Be Safe
    2. Listen to Instructions
    3. Be respectful
    4. Have fun!
  4. About Sewing Tools that we will use and how to use them safely, like: sheers, pinking shears, seam ripper, straight pins, etc.
  5. About Fabrics-
    1. wovens, knits, non-wovens
    2. Best fabrics for beginners
    3. Your clothes. Are they woven or knit?

After participating in our various orientation activities, campers leave with a wealth of new knowledge! Now, they are even more excited and ready to start sewing their projects on Day 2.  To see all of the fun and exciting camps that we offer, click here.