Recently, I received this email from the mom of one of my student’s.

Hey Mrs. Priscilla!  I hope you are enjoying your summer.  Tonight at dinner I was talking about saving up for some movie themed cushion covers for my movie themed classroom.  Camryn said, “I can make them!” and she disappeared up to her room.  She came back downstairs about an hour later with this!  Thank you so much for all you do!  It is making a difference.  I will proudly display this cushion in my reading center!!!  🙂

This summer, while many kids have been spending their time watching TV or using their various devices, Camryn, 9 years old, has been spending her time being creative!  She attended summer camps, including a sewing camp and during some of her down time, she did some sewing. In addition to the popcorn pillow, she designed and made a changing room for her 18” dolls.  Her doll’s changing room includes a curtain that opens and closes.


Landry, also 9 years old, attended several summer camps, including two sewing camps. During her down time, she has been busy sewing at home too! Some of her projects include: pillows, a purse with applique, and leg warmers for her pony.

These are just a few examples of the types of projects that students can sew at home. Receiving their pictures and talking with them about their sewing projects, inspired me to share!  Why? Because these little sewists are doing exactly what I want all of my student to do- sew at home!  It’s not a requirement for my students to own a sewing machine, but if they have one, I encourage them to use it!

After only one year of sewing classes, these rising 4th graders are able to go to their rooms, imagine what they want to make, cut it out, sew it, and complete beautiful projects! There are many benefits of sewing at home.

Here are my 5 favorites:

  1. Reinforce skills learned in sewing class.  Every time a student sews, they are reinforcing their knowledge. As a result, they get better and better!
  2. Practice problem solving. When sewing alone, most students will have some problems. And, if they are up for the challenge (like Camryn was when making her popcorn pillow) they will figure out a way to solve the problem and finish the project.   If not, they can always ask me about it, while in class.
  3. Learn something new. While solving the problems that tend to come up, it’s always my hope that students will learn something new during the process. There’s always more than one way to sew every project!
  4. Increase creativity. The more you use your imagination to create, the more creative you will become. This means, you don’t have to have natural talent to be creative.  It’s a skill that everyone can learn!
  5. Sense of pride! How could you not be proud of something that you created that started as a thought or a sketch! Both Camryn and Landry shared that they were happy to complete their projects and that they felt PROUD! Camryn, designer of the popcorn pillow, is already getting orders to make more pillows.

I’m SEW, SEW, proud of my students and I look forward to the next email and picture!  For more information about our sewing classes or workshops, please click here.

Thanks for reading about our amazing students that sew at home! In our next blog, I will share my favorite sewing machine for beginning sewists.